App Inventor for Fun … App Inventor 2 Tutorials and more by SteveJG


The pdf’s on App Inventor for Fun are copyrighted.  Posting and distributing the pdf’s on other than the App Inventor for Fun web pages and/or distributing / sharing them with others is prohibited.  All the materials on this web site or downloaded from the site are copyrighted material (this includes the aia files) . The material is NOT freeware.  The distribution of these files other than from the App Inventor for Fun pages is strictly prohibited.  Posting  and redistributing any of files obtained on this forum on other Web pages or shared with others using other methods is a violation of the law.  Please honor my copyright.

Important Facts

These tutorials and example apps are copyrighted.  Please do not slightly modify a tutorial and claim it as your own or post an app  on Google Play or on any Web page.  These tutorials are not intended for use in any school currilicum online or at an institution.  Use of these materials in any teaching environment is prohibited (for instance, as a course project or part of an online course).  This material is NOT creative commons. Students may use the algorithms in their projects.

Have fun with the app for personal use. Use the algorithms and ideas in your own app and enjoy coding.

The tutorials, images within the tutorials and most apps on this blog and the blog are Copyright © 2015 – 2016 by SJG.  Some of the sound files and images are copyrighted as indicated in the tutorial text and in the app About.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Help?

    Hi, is there a way to find the easier or simpler tutorials in your blog??
    I am new to this but I really want to learn. Some of the tutorials are way beyond me.

    Are the easy tyutorials marked in any special way so I can find them,
    Pls let me know,


  2. Hi,

    I’m currently building an app for my Intro to CompSci class final. I understand that you don’t want your tutorials used in a classroom setting, but would you mind if I used your graphing procedures for my app?

    Thanks in advance for your answer


    • Charles – you may use

      the algorithms

      and ideas in you own app. Please do not reproduce the CanvasGraph app verbatim but use the Blocks freely. Good luck with your course and enjoy coding. I am glad you find the routines and examples useful.


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